3D Tissue Models

Antibodies: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Total Score People Score Events Score
25 18 13
Date Event Presentation Speakers
May 18, 2015 Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Integrin-targeted Cancer Immunotherapy Karl Dane Wittrup
Precision Delivery of Biologics into the Cytosol of Cells Bradley L. Pentelute
January 10, 2011 Third Annual Optimizing Biologics Formulation Development A High-Throughput Method to Predict the Aggregation Propensity of Proteins Neeraj J Agrawal
May 17, 2010 Phage and Yeast Display of Antibodies and Proteins Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Karl Dane Wittrup
October 6, 2009 Phage Display to Develop Therapeutic Antibodies Yeast Surface Display Karl Dane Wittrup
Delivery into Tumors Karl Dane Wittrup
August 26, 2009 Optimizing Mammalian Cell Lines Label-Free Separation of Cells by Rolling on Patterned Receptors Rohit Karnik
August 3, 2009 The Next Wave of Antibody Therapeutics Quantitative Prediction of Anti-tumor Antibody Macro and Microdistribution Karl Dane Wittrup
December 7, 2008 Antibody Engineering Engraved Microarrays for Detecting Single, Antigen-Specific Cells J Christopher Love
August 11, 2008 CELLutions SUMMIT Microscale 3D Models of the Liver Linda Griffith
What Makes 3D Systems More in Vivo Like? Linda Griffith
May 1, 2008 Engineering Protein Therapeutics for Delivery Expressing & Engineering IgGs in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Karl Dane Wittrup
April 27, 2008 Phage Display of Antibodies and Peptides SELECTION IN COMPLEX SYSTEMS: CREATING Karl Dane Wittrup
April 27, 2008 Phage Display of Antibodies and Peptides SELECTION IN COMPLEX SYSTEMS: CREATING FUNCTIONALLY DIVERSE LIBRARIES Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Karl Dane Wittrup
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology At the Limits: Optical Methods for Single Molecules, Cells, and Organisms Alice Ting
Systems Biology of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Networks (Room 206) Forest White
E. B. Wilson Medal Presentation and Address Richard Hynes
Cell Adhesion: The Essence of Being Metazoan Richard Hynes
Extracellular Matrix as a Memory Storage Device Linda Gay Griffith
Self-assembling Peptide Hydrogels Functioning as a Synthetic ECM Differentially Mediate Chondrogenesis of Marrowderived P W Kopesky, E J Vanderploeg, Alan J Grodzinsky
Transcription Profi ling in C. elegans Reveals Functional Gene Expression Programs Regulated by the RNAi Pathway Phillip Sharp
Global Expression Dynamics of MicroRNAs and Predicted MicroRNA Targets in Developing, Naïve, and Activated J R Neilson, R. T H Sandberg, G. X Y. Zheng, Christopher B Burge, Phillip Sharp
August 11, 2007 Growth factor receptor tyrosine kinases in mitogenesis, morphogenesis Quantitative proteomic analysis of cellular signaling networks Forest White
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