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Biology: University of Southern California

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
May 23, 2014 (E2) Keystone Symposia: Autophagy: Fundamentals to Disease Workshop 2: Novel Functions of Autophagy Chengyu Liang
September 9, 2013 AC.CES 2013 Stochastic Model Reduction with Basis and Measure Adaptation Roger G. Ghanem
May 31, 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting 2013 Education Sessions Stephen B. Gruber
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings GWAS: The Next Steps Chairperson: Ellen L. Goode, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, MN Stephen B. Gruber
Computational Methods in Molecular Epidemiology Kimberly D. Siegmund
February 19, 2013 Nutrition, Epigenetics and Human Disease (B5) Nutritional-Endocrine Interactions in Postnatal Hypothalamic Development Richard B. Simerly
August 26, 2011 The 18th Budapest Nephrology School (Nephrology, Hypertension, Dialysis, Transplantation) Discussion János Peti-Peterdi
Development in Real-Time Imaging of Kidney Functions János Peti-Peterdi
August 14, 2011 Short Course on Genetics of Addiction Twin and Adoption studies Related to Addiction Carol Prescott
March 9, 2011 28th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conferenceâ„¢ San Antonio | Practice Changing Update Debu Tripathy
Intraoperative Radiation Therapy | American Technique Melvin Silverstein
Management of DCIS Using the 2011 USC | Van Nuys Prognostic Index Melvin Silverstein
Session B | The Latest in Bone-Targeted Therapy and Outcomes Debu Tripathy
Sessions 3 | "Meet the Professor" Sessions Melvin Silverstein
Session B Debu Tripathy
Session B Debu Tripathy
Session A | Round Block Excision: Oncoplastic Surgery for Non–Plastic Surgeons Melvin Silverstein
Roundtable Discussion With Audience Participation on Current Issues in Breast Cancer | Follow-up, Treatment Side Effects, Costs, End-of-Life Care, and "Burn-Out" Debu Tripathy
State-of-the-Art Surveillance After Early Breast Cancer Debu Tripathy
February 6, 2011 Salivary Glands & Exocrine Biology Cross talk between transcytotic and exocytotic membrane trafficking in lacrimal gland acinar cells Sarah F. Hamm-Alvarez
December 8, 2010 33rd Annual CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Understanding the role of botanicals in the management of breast cancer Debasish "Debu" Tripathy
May 26, 2010 International Symposium Stem Cells in Biology & Disease SESSION 6: Control of stem cell state and pluripotency Martin Pera
October 6, 2009 Next Generation Technologies for Protein Science Biosynthesis of Folded Cyclotides inside Living Bacterial Cells: A Convenient Route for Generation of Genetically-Encoded Cyclotide-Based Libraries Julio A. Camarero
November 27, 2007 Fourth Annual In Vitro Molecular Imaging: From Fluorescent Probes to Novel Techniques to Celluar Imaging Nov (27-28) Imaging Technologies (08:30-12:15) Julio A. Camarero
Imaging Technologies : Development of a Cell-Based Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Reporter for Bacillus Anthracis Lethal Factor Protease (09:00-09:30) Julio A. Camarero
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