3D Tissue Models

Biology: Jackson Laboratory

Total Score People Score Events Score
12 10 6
Date Event Presentation Speakers
July 21, 2013 54th Annual Short Course on Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics Thur sday, July 25 Complex Traits in Mice Gary Churchill
Wednesday, July 31 Chromosome Instability and Cancer Kevin D. Mills
March 4, 2012 Protein-RNA Interactions in Biology and Disease (C1) Genetic Diseases Caused by Alterations of RBP or RNA Sequence: Part 1 Susan L Ackerman
August 20, 2011 20th Annual Short Course on Experimental Models of Human Cancer Pathology and histopathology of normal and neoplastic tissue | an overview Oded Foreman
Group B Van Transportation to GRB Training Lab | Pathology and necropsy workshop Oded Foreman
Alternative mRNA processing in cancer Joel Graber
Genomic stability and telomerase Richard Maser
August 14, 2011 Short Course on Genetics of Addiction Course Overview Elissa Chesler
Analysis of complex traits in genetic reference populations. Elissa Chesler
Using simple experimental crossing in mice to study complex traits Gary Churchill
Workshop | Bioinformatics Lab Guided Tutorials Elissa Chesler
Bioinformatics Approaches | Mouse Databases for systems genetics and mutant identification Carol J Bult
Systems Genetics of addiction and GeneNetwork.org Elissa Chesler
Integrating genetic and genomics of addiction across species | ontologicaldiscovery.org Elissa Chesler
March 25, 2008 PATHWAY ANALYSIS MouseCyc: A Curated Biochemical Pathways Database for the Laboratory Mouse Carol J Bult
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology DNA Damage Signaling Events Revealed by 4Pi Microscopy. Mark D Lessard, Joerg Bewersdorf
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