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Biology: Ohio State University

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
October 7, 2013 Drug Discovery Week Europe (DDWE) Use of NGS to Optimize Drug Efficacy and Minimize Drug Side Effects Wolfgang Sadee
May 31, 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting 2013 Educations Sessions Electra D. Paskett
May 1, 2013 SymposiumonAdvancedWoundCareSpringandWoundHealingSociety Skin Regeneration, Scarless Healing and Fibrosis Traci A. Wilgus
(7 Concurrent Sessions - choose one) Traci A. Wilgus
January 8, 2012 Noncoding RNAs and Cancer microRNAs as therapeutic targets Carlo M. Croce
Session 6 | miRNA Regulation in Cancer Carlo M. Croce
August 20, 2011 20th Annual Short Course on Experimental Models of Human Cancer Causes and Consequences of microRNA Dysregulation in Cancer Carlo M. Croce
February 17, 2011 15th Annual International Congress on Hematologic Malignancies: Focus on Leukemias, Lymphomas, and Myeloma Therapeutic Antibodies | A Decade of Design Natarajan Muthusamy
October 27, 2010 Colorectal Cancer: Biology to Therapy DNA repair and susceptibility to colon cancer Joanna L. Groden
Intermediate-penetrance genes in the predisposition to colorectal cancer Albert de la Chapelle
May 19, 2010 Towards Personalized Cancer Medicine Causes and Consequences of microRNA Dysregulation in Cancer Carlo Croce
November 2, 2009 Track 2: Third Annual HDAC Inhibitors Therapeutic Applications of Histone Acetylation-Independent Mechanisms of HDAC Inhibitors in Cancer Treatment Ching-Shih Chen
February 28, 2009 Biophysical Society 53rd Annual Meeting Symposium 3: The Biophysics of HIV Karin Musier-Forsyth
December 7, 2008 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MATRIX BIOLOGY 2008 Meeting Keynote Lecture: MicroRNAs, the Immune System and Cancer(Randle ABC) Carlo Croce
December 7, 2008 Antibody Engineering An Integrated System for Tumor Detection and Targeted Drug Therapy using ADEPT: Preclinical, Clinical Testing and Mathematical Modeling Duxin Sun
December 4, 2008 BIT Life Sciences 2nd Annual World Congress of Gene-2008 (WCG 2008) Gene Copy Number Variations in Human Lupus :Track 2-10 Yu Chack-Yung
July 20, 2008 WORLD SUMMIT OF ANTIVIRALS Combating Severe Viral Infections Nucleocapsid Protein NP as a Target for Inhibition of Flu Virus Replication Ming-Daw Tsai
March 30, 2008 Nuclear Receptors: Steroid Sisters Workshop 3 - Hot Topics Ouliana Ziouzenkova
March 30, 2008 Nuclear Receptors: Orphan Brothers Workshop 3 - Hot Topics Ouliana Ziouzenkova
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology The F-box Protein ZEITLUPE Is a Circadian Photoreceptor Stabilized by Blue-Light-enhanced Interaction with GIGANTEA. S Suh, D E Somers
September 17, 2007 Biomarker Discovery Summit: Bridging the Silos in Biomarker Discovery & Validation (Sep17-19) Pre-Conference Workshop: microRNA as Cancer Biomarkers (11:30-15:00) George Calin
Pre-Conference Workshop; microRNA as Cancer Biomarkers: microRNAs and Other Non-coding RNAs as Diagnostic, Prognostic and Therapeutic Biomarkers in Human Cancers (12:30-13:00) George Calin
June 16, 2007 Biology and Chemistry of Vision A circadian clock in the retina regulates rod-cone coupling Christophe Ribelayga
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