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Cancer Biology: Weizmann Institute of Science

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
January 4, 2017 Innovations in Gastroenterology, 2017 Symposium CAR cells Zelig Eschar
The Nobel Knowledge III Ada Yonath
October 24, 2015 19th International Meeting of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO 2015) National Society ISRAELI SOCIETY OF GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY (ISGO): Hereditary Ovarian cancer: Screening options, surgical interventions and post-operative treatment T Levy
February 17, 2014 Sao Paulo Advanced School in Oncogenesis and Translational Medicine (ESPCA) + Bioinformatics (Mini-course) Mutant p53: therapeutic challenges and opportunities – Profa. Dra. Varda Rotter Varda Rotter
Intracelular Signaling Pathways – Prof. Rony Seger Rony Seger
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings p53: Still Controversial After All These Years Chairperson: Carol L. Prives, Columbia University, New York, NY Moshe Oren
March 3, 2013 Understanding Dendritic Cell Biology to Advance Disease Therapies (C2) Critical Dendritic Cell / Macrophage Crosstalk in the Intestinal Lamina Propria Steffen Jung
January 20, 2013 Tumor Invasion and Metastasis miR-15b and its novel target metastasis suppressor 1 (MTSS1) are part of a global network of coding and noncoding EGF-stimulated genes Merav Kedmi
June 19, 2011 7th ISABS Conference on Forensic Genetics and Molecular Medicine Variogenomics–human individual variation as the cornerstone of next-generation genomics Doron Lancet
March 27, 2011 Autophagy (D1) Mammalian Atg8s: A Complex Family Zvulun Elazar
February 12, 2011 Cancer Control by Tumor Suppressors and Immune Effectors (J8) Dendritic Cells (J7) | Origins and Functions of Mononuclear Phagocytes Steffen Jung
January 27, 2011 Controversies in Vaccination in Adults (CoVAC) Round Table Discussion | Questions R. Arnon
Session 17 | Basic sciences R. Arnon
August 17, 2009 Fourth Annual Novel Vaccines: Design & Development Passive Vaccination Using Redirected, Genetically Engineered, Designer T-Cells for Immunotherapy Zelig Eshhar
August 5, 2009 Targets in Context - Linking Targets to Diseases Agenda Applied Systems Biology for Drug Response Profiling Ariel A. Cohen
March 16, 2008 Advances in Cancer Research: From the Laboratory to the Clinic p53, MicroRNAs, and Cancer Moshe Oren
February 17, 2008 GRC - Glycolipid & Sphingolipid Biology Mammalian ceramide synthases: What do they all do? Tony Futerman
January 6, 2008 AUTOPHAGY IN STRESS, DEVELOPMENT AND DISEASE Involvement of mammalian Atg8s in early stages of autophagosomes biogenesis Zvulun Elazar
Cross-talk between autophagy and apoptosis Adi Kimchi
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology MARK2/Par1: Linking the Polarity Pathway to Dynein-dependent Centosomal Motility in Migrating Cortical Neurons T Sapir, S Sapoznik, A Gorelik, T Levy, Orly Reiner
November 7, 2007 Srial II: Advances and Challenges Toward Major Diseases: Extension on New Hope Nov (07-13) Session 11: Anti-Infectious Drug Discovery & Development (II) (09:00-12:20) Ada Yonath
Session 11: Antibiotics targeting ribosomes vs. smart pathogens (09:00-09:20) Ada Yonath
July 14, 2007 Skeletal Muscle Satellite & Stem Cells Regeneration and trans-differentiation potential of muscle progenitor cells Rachel Sarig
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