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Cancer Biology: Washington University, St. Louis, MO

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December 11, 2016 Cell-VIB Symposium: Hallmarks of Cancer [INV04] Elaine Mardis, Washington University School of Medicine, USA Auditorium Elaine Mardis
March 5, 2014 Targeted Anticancer Therapies Methodological and Organizational Issues in Drug dDvelopment of Targeted Agents Sandra Swain
October 27, 2013 Nature - CNIO Cancer Symposium: Frontiers in Tumour Heterogeneity and Plasticity Genomic Examination of Tumour Heterogeneity Elaine Mardis
October 16, 2013 Infectious Disease Genomics and Global Health Keynote Lecture George Weinstock
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings Using Genomics to Guide Cancer Immunotherapy Chairperson: Robert D. Schreiber, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO Robert D Schreiber
Predictive Modeling of Cancer Treatment in Single Patients (N of 1) Moderator: Charles L. Sawyers, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY Elaine Mardis
Change for the Worse: Premalignant Metaplasia in the Stomach, Esophagus, and Pancreas Chairperson: Steven D. Leach, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD Jason Mills
New Perspectives on Cancer Immune Surveillance Chairperson: Robert D. Schreiber, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO Robert D Schreiber
March 3, 2013 Understanding Dendritic Cell Biology to Advance Disease Therapies (C2) The NF-kB Regulator Bcl-3 Plays a Critical Role in the Initiation of Adaptive Immune Responses Ilaria Tassi
December 8, 2012 54th American Society of Haematology Annual Meeting and Exposition Clinical Oncology Update: Studies from the 2012 ASCO Annual Meeting Sandra M. Swain
August 24, 2012 21st Annual Short Course on Experimental Models of Human Cancer Sequencing the cancer genome Elaine Mardis
May 3, 2012 Thrombosis and Hemostasis Summit of North America (THSNA) Interventional Approaches to VTE Suresh Vedantham
April 15, 2012 28th IABCR/Breakthrough Breast Cancer Conference High risk precursor lesions Craig Allred
December 13, 2011 New Horizons in Cancer Research: Biology to Prevention to Therapy Clinical implications of genome sequencing in lung cancer Ramaswamy Govindan
November 18, 2011 16th Annual Perspectives In Thoracic Oncology Pathology: What is the most effective and practical way of assessing molecular markers? Ramaswamy Govindan
August 20, 2011 20th Annual Short Course on Experimental Models of Human Cancer Sequencing the cancer genome Elaine Mardis
June 30, 2011 2011 AHPBA Americas Post Graduate Course Methods to Improve “Transplantability” for Hepatocellular Carcinoma William Chapman
May 18, 2011 SBI 10th Postgraduate Course Q&A Roundtable with the Experts | Biopsy Tips and Tricks Stereo, US, MRI Rachel Brem
Controversies in CAD | Mammo/MRI Wendy DeMartini
MR Accreditation Constance D. Lehman
Technologist Program | MRI, PET, BSGI for the Mammo Tech Constance D. Lehman
May 2, 2011 LIPID MAPS Annual Meeting 2011: Lipidomics Impact on Cell Biology, Cancer, and Metabolic Diseases Sterol analysis in humans | the Dallas Heart Study David A Russell
March 27, 2011 Congress on Steroid Research ent-Steroids: Novel Reagents for Studies of Membrane Receptors and Membrane Properties Douglas F. Covey
March 11, 2011 12th European Congress Perspectives in Lung Cancer Combining chemotherapy and radiotherapy in stage III NSCLC Ramaswamy Govindan
c-MET and ALK inhibitors Ramaswamy Govindan
February 12, 2011 Cancer Control by Tumor Suppressors and Immune Effectors (J8) Pathogenesis: Cancer and Inflammation | Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Cancer Immunoediting Robert D Schreiber
January 12, 2011 "Nano in Cancer": Linking Chemistry, Biology, and Clinical Applications In Vivo Photoacoustic tomography: In vivo functional and molecular imaging beyond the optical diffusion limit Lihong Wang
Session 5: Clinical Prospects and Cancer Applications Lihong Wang
November 7, 2010 Ninth Annual International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research Fostering team science and transdisciplinary approaches to cancer prevention: The Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities experience Sarah Gehlert
Educational Session-4 : Team Science and Transdisciplinary Approaches to Cancer Prevention Research Within and Across Institutions Sarah Gehlert
November 7, 2010 Frontiers of Immunology in Health and Diseases Frontiers of Immunology in Health and Diseases Alexander Y Rudensky
October 27, 2010 Colorectal Cancer: Biology to Therapy Mechanisms of crypt fission Thaddeus Stappenbeck
October 19, 2010 Colon Cancer in Murine Models and Humans III SESSION 4: Dysplasia: EMT; polarity; (a)symmetric cell division; progression | Bar Harbor Club Ballroom Thaddeus Stappenbeck
September 30, 2010 Third AACR Conference on The Science of Cancer Health Disparities Defining standards of care and quality metrics in low-resource settings Benjamin O Anderson
September 30, 2010 Third AACR Conference on the Science of Cancer Health Disparities in Racial / Ethnic Minorities and the Medically Underserved Defining standards of care and quality metrics in low-resource settings Benjamin O Anderson
September 12, 2010 Joint Metastasis Research Society-AACR Conference in Conjunction with the Tumor Microenvironment Working Group of the AACR Dissemination of prostate cancer cells to bone: Insight into the metastatic process, tumor cell dormancy and progression Robert L Vessella
August 25, 2010 Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Disease Metagenomic Approaches to Pathogen Detection and Discovery David Wang
June 23, 2010 Structure-Based Drug Design TABLE 8:The Issue of Protein Flexibility in the Structure-Based Drug Design Jie Zheng
May 10, 2010 The New Science of Ageing Evolutionary conservation of mechanisms of ageing Brian K Kennedy
May 3, 2010 LIPID MAPS Annual Meeting 2010: Lipidomics Impact on Cell Biology, Atherosclerosis and Inflammatory Disease III. Lipid Mediators and Inflammatory Disease Alan Aderem
November 6, 2009 Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine FEATURED SPEAKER Growth Hormone - Releasing Hormone and Growth Hormone Secretagogues George R Merriam
August 10, 2009 Second Annual Trends in Cancer Diagnostics Sequencing the Cancer Genome Richard K. Wilson
Mesothelin and HE4 as Biomarkers for Diagnosis of Ovarian Carcinoma Ingegerd Hellstrom
June 9, 2009 Translating Genomic Knowledge Exome Sequencing and Human Disease Jay Shendure
February 3, 2009 Cancer Health Disparities PLENARY SESSION 2: INJECTING CULTURE INTO THE ATTACK ON CANCER Vetta Sanders Thompson
December 11, 2008 SAN ANTONIO BREAST CANCER SYMPOSIUM Communicating with the patients and the risk of cancer risk predictions Joann G. Elmore
Overview of modalities and PET imaging David A. Mankoff
December 7, 2008 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MATRIX BIOLOGY 2008 Meeting SIG 3: Laminins and Kidney Function Jeff Miner,
Elastin Mutations in Cutis Laxa Zsolt Urban
Senior Investigator Awardee: Extracellular Matrix and Vascular Development Robert , Mecham
Concurrent E: The glycosaminoglycan-binding domain of CXC-chemokines controls neutrophil migration into the lungs Charles W. Frevert
Concurrent G: Epilysin (MMP-28) functions in promoting epithelial cell survival Anne Manicone,
Concurrent L: C-terminal Domain Modification in Mature Elastin Thomas Broekelmann,
November 12, 2008 Invited Session, SESSION 5 – Using DNA Sequence to Detect Variation Related to Human Disease: The Promises and Challenges of Medical Sequencing New technologies for medical sequencing: Mutation discovery in germline diseases R K Wilson
November 4, 2008 The Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium XXVI OR Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium, Innovative Cancer Therapy for Tomorrow CURRENT CLINICAL TRIAL FOR RHABDOMYOSARCOMA Douglas Hawkins
Role of Transplantation William Bensinger
Practical Applications of Clinical Trial Data Rav , Vij
October 12, 2008 15th North American Regional Meeting - International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics Minimizing Drug Toxicities During Drug Discovery and Development | Altas Ballroom (Town & Country/San Diego) Sid Nelson
Novel Methods for Assessing Drug Transporter Activity Jashvant D Unadkat
Imaging P-glycoprotein Activity at the Blood-brain and Blood-placental Barrier: Studies in Human and Nonhuman Primates Jash Unadkat
Pharmacokinetics and Disposition of Drugs Commonly Administered During Pregnancy Mary F. Hebert
September 5, 2008 44th ASCO Annual Meeting General Session IX: Breast Cancer Therapy: Underserved Communities Around the World Benjamin O Anderson
May 30, 2008 44th ASCO Annual Meeting Program Committee Adam Stuart Kibel
May 30, 2008 ASCO Annual'08 Meeting breast cancer-- Cure the Cancer—Spare the Heart: Cardiovascular Toxicity of Modern Cancer Therapy Sandra M. Swain
breast cancer-- What Can We Learn About Breast Cancer from Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy? Matthew James Ellis
cancer genetics-- Assessment and Prevention of Hereditary Ovarian Cancer Elizabeth M. Swisher
cancer prevention/epidemiology-- Assessment and Prevention of Hereditary Ovarian Cancer Elizabeth M. Swisher
central nervous system tumors-- Central Nervous System Lymphoma (M07) Gregory C DeAngelis
clinical trials-- Molecular Imaging and Cancer: Optimizing Clinical Trials and Clinical Practice— A Joint ASCO/Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) Education Session David A. Mankoff
developmental therapeutics-- Molecular Imaging and Cancer: Optimizing Clinical Trials and Clinical Practice— A Joint ASCO/Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) Education Session David A. Mankoff
gynecologic cancer-- Assessment and Prevention of Hereditary Ovarian Cancer Elizabeth M. Swisher
special sessions-- Molecular Imaging and Cancer: Optimizing Clinical Trials and Clinical Practice— A Joint ASCO/Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) Education Session David A. Mankoff
special sessions-- Science of Oncology Award and Lecture Mary-Claire King
tumor biology-- Beyond FDG: What Will New PET Tracers Tell Us About Cancer? David A. Mankoff
March 9, 2008 DNA DAMAGE, MUTATION & CANCER How Mutations Cause Cancer Larry Loeb
An Essential Role for Rev1 Binding to Ubiquitinated PCNA during Mutagenesis Peter M. Burgers
February 12, 2008 NF-kappaB Workshop 2: NF-kappaB in Inflammatory Diseases and Cancer Deborah Veis Novack
Workshop 3: NF-kappaB in the Immune Response Ilaria Tassi, Miguel E. Moreno-Garcia
February 10, 2008 GRC - Plasminogen Activation & Extracellular Proteolysis Discussion William Goldman
January 6, 2008 AUTOPHAGY IN STRESS, DEVELOPMENT AND DISEASE Critical role of the ATG5 autophagy gene in innate and adaptive immunity to pathogens Herbert (Skip) W. Virgin IV
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Minisymposium 3:Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Polarity Ed Munro
Cdc-42 and the Actomyosin Cytoskeleton Function within Positive and Negative Feedback Loops to Dynamically Ed Munro
Building the Cell (Room 140B) Adriana Dawes, C Elegans
Muscle Cytoskeletal Protein Assembly in Normal and Diseased Muscles C Elegans
The NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer: Creating Next David Sept
Chaperone Networks That Infl uence Protein Misfolding and Aggregation C Elegans
Global Interactions of the Glucocorticoid Receptor Require Extensive Chromatin Remodeling. P Sabo
Activated Estrogen Receptor Down-regulates Human E-cadherin Gene Expression Yanlin Liu
Active Apicobasal Shortening Constrained by Circumapical Collars Drives Endoderm Invagination in Ascidians Ed Munro, M Sherrard
November 7, 2007 Srial II: Advances and Challenges Toward Major Diseases: Extension on New Hope Nov (07-13) Session 9: Innovative Metabolic Diseases Drug Discovery & Development (13:30-17:05) David B Haslam
Session 11: Anti-Infectious Drug Discovery & Development (II) (09:00-12:20) Yu Chen
Session 11: New RNA-binding Peptidomimetic Structures that Repress HIV Viral Replication by Specifically Inhibiting Transcriptional Activation(10:20-10:40) Yu Chen
November 4, 2007 AACR Centennial Conference: Translational Cancer Medicine Plenary Session 3: Animal Systems and Imaging in Cancer Research David PIWNICA WORMS
November 4, 2007 2007 International Symposium On Protein Modification And Degradation Ubiquitin ligase machinery: From plant biology to human diseases Ning Zheng
October 16, 2007 Fifth Annual RNAi for Drug Discovery and Therapeutics - Best Practices from the Bench to the Clinic Oct (16-17) RNAi Targets and Cancer Biology (10:40-12:55) Sheila A. Stewart
RNAi Targets and Cancer Biology; RNAi Applications: Telomere Biology Uncovered (10:40-11:10) Sheila A. Stewart
October 15, 2007 Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Third Annual Mastering Process Chemistry Oct (15-17) PROCESS OPTIMIZATION VIA ANALYTICS: An Overview of Micro-technology in Process Analytics (14:50-15:35) Mel Koch
BIOCATALYSIS FOR CHEMICAL PROCESS DEVELOPMENT: Moderated Panel Discussion (11:00-12:00) Mel Koch
September 30, 2007 Bridging Pharma and IT - Leveraging Information Technology to Improve Productivity (Sep30-Oct2) Keynote Session 4: Lessons Learned: Challenges Faced in Sharing Information Across the Organization (Panel) (15:15-16:00) Marc Wine
September 7, 2007 The 2007 Breast Symposium Preoperative Hormone Therapy Trials Matthew James Ellis
August 11, 2007 Gastrointestinal Tract XII: The Molecular and Integrative Basis for GI Development, Homeostasis and Disease Hydrogen peroxide inhibits Ca2+-stimulated colonic Jason Mills
Mutations in neurogenin 3: An novel etiology of chronic diarrhea George M Martin
August 11, 2007 Lipid signaling Pathways in Cancer Cholesterol-dependent clustering of the EGF receptor investigated in live cells by fluorescence intensity distribution analysis Linda J Pike
August 4, 2007 Obesity, Energy Balance and Disease Caloric restriction in humans: studies on members of the caloric restriction society John Holloszy
July 21, 2007 Hematopoietic Malignancies High resolution genomic studies of acute myeloid leukemia Matthew Walter
July 14, 2007 Skeletal Muscle Satellite & Stem Cells Transduction of satellite cells in vivo and ex vivo using lentiviral vectors Jeff S Chamberlain
July 7, 2007 CHROMATIN AND TRANSCRIPTION Targeting Heterochromatin Formation and Gene Silencing in Drosophila Sarah Elgin
July 7, 2007 Protein Kinases and Protein Phosphorylation Cdc25A protein phosphatase in cell cycle- and checkpoint-control Helen Piwnica Worms
June 16, 2007 Nuclear Structure and Cancer Nuclear Structure Distinguishes Cancer Cells from Benign Cells Lawrence True
June 16, 2007 Thrombospondins and other Matricellular Proteins In Tissue Organization and Homeostasis Structural and Evolutionary Biology Paul Bornstein
Thrombospondins inhibit cell division in human microvascular endothelial cells via the VLDL receptor, without causing apoptosis Paul Bornstein
Molecular interactions of TSP1 and CD47 regulate vascular NO Bill Frazier
June 9, 2007 Ion Channel Regulation Plasticity of dendritic function Jeffrey A Magee
Ion Channel Regulation Bertil Hille
Molecular Mechanisms of TRP Channel Modulation Sharona E. Gordon
Channel/protein kinase: dual regulation of TRPM channel Andrew M Scharenberg
June 9, 2007 Mitosis: Spindle Assembly and Function Regulation of mitotic chromosome congression by a kinesin-8 motor. Jason Stumpff
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