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Cancer Biology: CNRS

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
March 25, 2015 Personalised Cancer Medicine & Big Data Analysis - 7th International Conference of Contemporary Oncology Revisiting Tumor Hypoxia and Tumor Angiogenesis Towards New Treatment Potentialities Claudine Kieda
April 30, 2010 Drug Story LOOKING TOWARD SCALE-UP AND THE CLINIC Patrick Chames
October 22, 2008 Antibodies Europe Efficient Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Using Bispecific Domain Antibodies for Cancer Therapy Patrick Chames
March 4, 2008 Maintenance of Genome Stability Conference 2008 Session 1: Replication, recombination and repair (Chair: Jim Haber) Geneviève Almouzni
February 12, 2008 NF-kappaB Regulation of the NF-kappaB Pathway Alain Israël
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Fundamental Changes in Large-Scale Chromatin Organization Accompany Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells. Edith Heard
Robustness and Evolution of Caenorhabditis Vulva Development Josselin MILLOZ, M A Felix
Anisotropic Intercellular Surface Tension Is Suffi cient to Rearrange Cell Patterns and Drive Intercalation in Epithelia T Lecuit, Pierre François LENNE
Nonequilibrium Mechanics of Active Cytoskeletal Networks from In Vitro Model System to Cultured Living Cells C Tardin
November 29, 2007 Fourth Annual In Vivo Molecular Imaging: Bridging the Gap from Discovery to Clinical Applications Nov (29-30) Clinical Applications (13:40-17:30) Gisèle Clofent Sanchez
Clinical Applications: Molecular imaging of Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaques with Contrast Agents Targeting Over-Expressed Receptors (13:45-14:15) Gisèle Clofent Sanchez
November 27, 2007 Chromatin Structure & Function 2007 Chromatin assembly factors and the challenges of DNA replication and repair Geneviève Almouzni
November 4, 2007 2007 International Symposium On Protein Modification And Degradation Session 7: Protein Modification, Proteolysis and Drug Targets Hugues de Thé
September 27, 2007 Protein Expression Europe (Sep 27-28) Parallel Approaches: A High-Throughput Protein Production Pipeline Applied to the Characterization of a Pan-Genome Atlas of Transcription Factor DNA-Binding Specificity in Ciona Intestinalis (16:15-18:00) Renaud Vincentelli
Parallel Approaches (16:15-18:00) Renaud Vincentelli
Breakfast BuzZ Sessions (08:00-09:00) Renaud Vincentelli
Breakfast BuzZ Session II: Parallel Protein Expression and Detection (08:00-09:00) Renaud Vincentelli
July 14, 2007 Skeletal Muscle Satellite & Stem Cells Cell therapy: which cells can be used? Gillian Butler Browne
July 7, 2007 CHROMATIN AND TRANSCRIPTION Nuclear dynamics and chromatin changes during X-chromosome inactivation Edith Heard
June 22, 2007 CNRS - Conférences du Vivant “Arf Family GTPases� Interactions between conserved domains within homodimers in GBF1 and BIG GEFs Jacqueline Cherfils
LM11: a novel inhibitor of ARNO-dependent MDCK cell migration Helene Barelli
ArfGAP1 and the Golgin GMAP-210 sense lipid packing defects in curved membranes through a similar mechanism Bruno Antonny
Dissecting the role of Arf1 in facilitating Coxsackievirus RNA replication Nicolas Vitale
The PH domain of the Arf6-specific GEF EFA6 localizes to the plasma membrane by interacting with PIP2 and f-actin Michel Franco
Regulation of neuroendocrine exocytosis by the Arf6 GAP Git1 Nicolas Vitale
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