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Cancer Biology: INSERM

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
April 7, 2015 World Vaccine Congress US 2015 Vaccine development for re-emerging outbreaks e.g. whooping cough Nathalie Mielcarek
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings Mitotic Checkpoints Driving Cancer Therapeutic Strategies Chairperson: Peter K. Jackson, Genentech, Inc., South San Francisco, CA Guido Kroemer
January 20, 2013 Tumor Invasion and Metastasis Microenvironmental control of bone metastasis Sylvain Provot
August 21, 2011 The TGF-β Superfamily: Signaling in Development and Disease TGF-β/Hippo pathway interactions in melanoma Alain Mauviel
May 31, 2011 New frontiers in persistant pain Translational pain research | why is it that difficult Didier Bouhassira
February 12, 2011 Cancer Control by Tumor Suppressors and Immune Effectors (J8) Pathogenesis: Cancer and Inflammation | Prognostic Significance of Tumor-Invading Immune Effectors and Regulators in Human Malignancies Wolf H Fridman
November 18, 2010 IV Congress of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics ISNN Metabolism and inflammation in human adipose tissue tackled by transcriptomics approaches Dominique Langin
Nutritional epigenomics of diabetes and metabolic syndrome Claudine Junien
Influence of a supplementation with benzylamine or tyramine on glycaemic control and oxidative stress in obese and diabetic mice Christiane Carpené
November 8, 2010 Cancer Metabolism Akt and S6 kinases in mammalian growth and tumorigenesis Mario Pende
September 13, 2010 Resveratrol2010 Effect of degradation on the biological activity of resveratrol Dominique Delmas
June 24, 2010 The 1st International Congress on Longevity, Health and Aging (CoLONGY) DEBATE: Do we need to propose a therapeutic trial to Alzheimer patients with new innovative drugs? Sandrine Andrieu
June 16, 2009 7th Annual Comparability for Biologics Rational design and standardised evaluation of novel genetic vaccines David Klatzmann
February 17, 2008 GRC - Glycolipid & Sphingolipid Biology Regulation of macroautophagy by ceramide Patrice Codogno
February 10, 2008 GRC - Prolactin & Growth Hormone Family PRLR polymorphisms and breast diseases Philippe Touraine
A New Surface Plasmon Resonance Set Up To Characterize The Interactions Within Prl-Prlr Complexes Estelle Tallet
PRL and ovary Nadine Binart
Discussion Vincent Goffin
January 6, 2008 AUTOPHAGY IN STRESS, DEVELOPMENT AND DISEASE Canonical and noncanonical macroautophagy in cancer cells Patrice Codogno
August 4, 2007 Obesity, Energy Balance and Disease The interaction between macrophages and adipocytes Michele Guerre Millo
July 14, 2007 Skeletal Muscle Satellite & Stem Cells Injured skeletal muscle recruits inflammatory monocytes that switch into anti-inflammatory macrophages to support myogenesis Benedicte Chazaud
June 9, 2007 Ion Channel Regulation TRPM8: regulation, localization and novel role in human prostate cancer Natalia Prevarskaya
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