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Cytokine: Oxford University

Total Score People Score Events Score
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Date Event Presentation Speakers
January 17, 2014 (J3) Keystone Symposia: Emerging Cytokine Networks Keynote Session (Joint) Registered attendees can view abstracts starting on 12/17/2013 Fiona Powrie
September 29, 2013 Cytokines 2013 2 Concurrent Symposia Fiona Powrie
May 23, 2011 Pathogenesis of Influenza: Virus-Host Interactions (E3) Antigen Specific T Cells in Human Influenza A Virus Infection Tao Dong
Effect of IL-4 on Influenza Replication and Cytokine Expression in Primary Human Monocyte-Derived Macrophages in vitro Siamon Gordon
January 7, 2011 TGF-beta in Immune Responses: From Bench to Bedside (A2) Regulation of IBD by TGF-beta | Ballroom 2-3 Fiona Powrie
TGF-beta signaling to T-cells in long-term acceptance of allografts | Ballroom 2-3 Herman Waldmann
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Regulation of Filamin-Integrin Interactions P Jiang, Kate L Wegener, Iain D Campbell
Non-vesicular Transport of Glucosylceramide via FAPP2 Is Required for Glycosphingolipid Synthesis and Membrane Fran Platt
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