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Drug Design: GlaxoSmithKline

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
February 20, 2012 Advances and Progress in Drug Design Molecular obesity, potency and other addictions in medicinal chemistry Mike Hann,
November 3, 2010 DIA’s 8th Annual Canadian Meeting: “Keeping Canada on the Map: Fostering Innovation and Access to Drugs in Canada� International Collaboration: An Industry Perspective Neerja Goyal
April 28, 2010 HCV Drug Discovery Boron and Non-Boron-Based HCV NS3/4 Protease InIhibitors: Discovery of a Novel Motif Possessing High Potency against PI-Resistant Mutants Wieslaw Kazmierski
November 13, 2009 Globalization and standardization: Agreements-Budget-Regulation-Operations. New Presentation Dora MATHIASZ
November 3, 2009 ASAP-CHI Bio-Pharma Alliance Summit, Driving success with Effect ive Biotech/ Pharma Alliances Launching the Alliance: What Big Pharma and Biotech Companies Need to Know Bill Wilkison
November 2, 2009 Track 3: Fourth Annual Ion Channels as Therapeutic Targets Title to be Announced Derek J. Trezise
July 28, 2009 European Regulatory Affairs Summer School Introduction to the eCTD and basic principles Lillian Reilly
June 9, 2009 Cell and Tissue-Based Assays for HTS Novel Assays and New Technologies Kalpana Patel
Table Six: Novel Assays, New Technologies and their Applications Kalpana Patel
June 9, 2009 Third Annual Cardiotoxicity and Drug Safety Use of Cardiac Troponin Measurements in Drug Development For the Detection of Cardiotoxicity John K. Finkle
June 9, 2009 Translating Genomic Knowledge Chairperson’s Remarks Eric C Lai
Panel Discussion – Successful Data Flow in Translation Discovery Research Eric C Lai
Integrating Pharmacogenetics Throughout the Pharma Value Chain Daniel K. Burns
April 22, 2009 PI 3-Kinase Signaling in Disease (Z3) PI 3-Kinase Pathway Modulation: Transition to the Clinic I Richard F Wooster
April 21, 2009 3rd Annual Clinical Trials in Emerging Economies Opening remarks from the chairperson Allan Pamba
Closing remarks from the chairperson Allan Pamba
Opening remarks from the chairperson Allan Pamba
Challenges and Lessons from a large Phase III clinical trial in Sub Saharan Africa Allan Pamba
Closing remarks from the chairperson Allan Pamba
February 24, 2009 11th National Conference on Managing Legal Risks in Structuring & Conducting Clinical Trials Workshop B: International Clinical Trials Boot Camp: The A to Z guide of essentials you need to know before going overseas Elizabeth M Zechenter
February 23, 2009 Advances and Progress in Drug Design VIII STRUCTURE BASED DRUG DESIGN WITH EMPHASIS ON GPCR MODELLING Frank Blaney
February 8, 2009 CHEMISTRY IN CANCER RESEARCH: A Vital Partnership in Cancer Drug Discovery and Development Session 5: Chemistry in Support of Lead Optimization/Case Histories I Juan I Luengo
February 4, 2009 Adaptive Designs in Clinical Drug Development Chairman's Opening Remarks Alun Bedding
SIMULATION IN ADAPTIVE TRIALS : Statistical modelling and its application to adaptive trials Alun Bedding
February 3, 2009 Ramanbhai Foundation 4th International Symposium ---Ramanbhai Foundation 4th International Symposium--- “Advances in Cardiometabolic Research - Basic Science and Clinical Aspects” “Application of large-scale genetics to support drug discovery and development in the cardio-metabolic area” Vincent Mooser
January 26, 2009 Biomarker Assay Development Development and Integration of Biomarkers into Clinically Useful Diagnostics Anne Marie Martin
January 26, 2009 Translational Cancer Medicine Development and Integration of Biomarkers into Clinically Useful Diagnostics Anne Marie Martin
January 26, 2009 7th Annual Partnering with Central Labs B1 : How to Reduce the Burden on Smaller Sponsor Clinical Team-The Cross Functional Approach Karen Turner
January 5, 2009 High Content Analysis Primary HCS for Immunomodulation Carmel B Nanthakumar
December 2, 2008 4th Annual Global Imaging Summit -The Application of Molecular and Cellular Imaging in Drug Discovery & Optimising Imaging Techniques in Preclinical and Clinical Drug Development 1: The synthesis and design of PET radiotracers Anthony Gee,
2 : Opening remarks from the Chairperson Phil Murphy,
2 : PET for managing the gap between laboratory and man - A Drug Company Perspective Anthony Gee,
2 : Panel Debate: How translatable is preclinical and clinical imaging? Phil Murphy,
2 : Closing remarks from the chairperson and end of conference day one Phil Murphy,
2 : Opening remarks from the Chairperson Phil Murphy,
2 : Exploiting the benefits of DCE MRI (Dynamic Contrast Enhanced-MRI) in the assessment of antiangiogenic agents Phil Murphy,
2 : Closing remarks from the chairperson and end of conference Phil Murphy,
December 2, 2008 2nd Annual Lead Discovery Summit 2008:-Compound Library Design, Synthesis & Acquisition Ion channel modulators: a knowledge driven approach Véronique Birault,
Fragment based design and ligand efficiency – concepts and practice Mike Hann,
Experience of outsourcing to India and China Duncan Judd,
Biological fingerprints: Acceleration of hit identification and decision making in drug discovery Wolfgang Jarolimek,
December 2, 2008 The 8th World Drug Discovery & Development Summit 2008 THE INDUSTRIALISATION OF CELLULAR SCREENING Alan Wise
November 12, 2008 Third Annual Post-Approval Drug Safety Strategies: Best Practices to Mitigate Risks throughout the Product's Life Cycle Genomics Role in Safety: Moving from Observation to Prediction & Leveraging New Tools and Thinking Dan Burns
November 5, 2008 DIA's 6th Canadian Annual Meeting: Benefit and Risk Management: An Evolution in Progress CANADIAN STEERING COMMITTEE RAV KUMAR
October 12, 2008 15th North American Regional Meeting - International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics Drug Induced Vascular Injury Brian R. Berridge
Can Plasma Protein Binding Represent a Safety Issue for Drug Development? The Radafaxine Case Paolo Rossato
October 8, 2008 Accelerating Proof Of Concept Implementing New Approaches for Increasing Productivity of Drug Development Dongzhou J. Liu
September 17, 2008 BACULOVIRUS TECHNOLOGY Engineering A Better CHO Cell Host for Baculovirus Transduction Patrick Condreay
March 30, 2008 Nuclear Receptors: Steroid Sisters Drug Development Dennis Sprecher
March 30, 2008 Nuclear Receptors: Orphan Brothers Drug Development Dennis Sprecher
March 25, 2008 Preclinical Development Advances in Liver Toxicity Testing: What’s on the Horizon? Holly L Jordan
March 25, 2008 TRENDS IN DRUG SAFETY Advances in Liver Toxicity Testing: What’s on the Horizon? Holly L Jordan
February 19, 2008 Screening Europe Track B The Industrialisation of 1536 Well Format High Throughput Screening for Modulators of G Protein-Coupled Receptors Stuart Baddeley
November 26, 2007 Obesity Drug Development World 2007 Targeting the Sodium Glucose Transporter II and developing selective inhibitors Chari Smith
Panel session: additional Q&A on SGLT2, GKA and GLP-1 Chari Smith
November 7, 2007 Bridging the Business Development/Alliance Management Interface Nov(7-8) Leveraging the Power of a Strong Alliance - GlaxoSmithKline’s Center of Excellence for Drug Discovery (08:45-09:30) Mark Strobeck
November 7, 2007 Stem Cells and Primary Cells in Drug Discovery Welcome Remarks Robert Ames
November 4, 2007 AACR Centennial Conference: Translational Cancer Medicine Concurrent Session 1: Clinical Pharmacogenetics: Assessing Global Diversity Eric C Lai
Concurrent Session 3: Hereditary Cancers Richard WOOSTER
October 17, 2007 Second Annual Ion Channels: An Emerging Target for Therapeutic Development Oct (17-18) TECHNOLOGIES FOR ION CHANNEL DRUG DISCOVERY (09:40-12:25) Derek J. Trezise
TECHNOLOGIES FOR ION CHANNEL DRUG DISCOVERY: Novel Applications of Planar Array Electrophysiology in Ion Channel Drug Discovery (10:55-11:25) Derek J. Trezise
TARGETING PAIN MANAGEMENT: Chairperson’s Remarks (13:55-14:00) Iain Chessell
TARGETING PAIN MANAGEMENT (13:55-17:10) Iain Chessell
TARGETING PAIN MANAGEMENT: Novel and Translatable Mechanisms for Pain Treatment - Lessons From the P2X Receptor Family (14:00-14:30) Iain Chessell
October 16, 2007 Second Annual Putting Theory into Practice: Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs (Oct 16-17 SESSION I: Setting the Stage for Adaptive Design Trials (14:00 - 14:30) Judith A. Quinlan
SESSION I: LAYING THE GROUND WORK FOR EARLY DECISION MAKING (13:45 - 19:00) Judith A. Quinlan, Graeme E. Archer
SESSION I: The Use of Bayesian Methods in Go/No-Go Decision Making (15:00 - 15:30) Graeme E. Archer
SESSION II: Co-Chairperson’s Opening Remarks (08:30-08:45) Judith A. Quinlan
CASE STUDIES (11:15-14:45) Judith A. Quinlan
CASE STUDY: Acute Migraine POC Using CRM - The Power of Team Work and a Can Do Attitude... Overcoming Logistical and Operational Hurdles (13:45-14:15) Judith A. Quinlan
October 15, 2007 2nd Annual Innovations in Clinical Trials: Implementations of Biomarkers (Oct15-16) BIOIMAGING FOR MONITORING RESPONSE TO THERAPY, DOSE SELECTION, ASSESSING MOLECULAR ACTIVITY AND RECEPTOR OCCUPANCY (08:00-13:30) Robert A. Comley
PET Receptor Occupancy - Accelerating Drug Development by Non-Invasive Measurement of Drug Action Early in the Development Pipeline (09:05-09:35) Robert A. Comley
October 11, 2007 Compound Profiling & Chemogenomic Approaches to Drive Decision Making and Predict Clinical Adverse Effects (Oct 11-12) SELECTING LEADS AND DETECTING ADVERSE ACTIVITY (14:00-17:30) Dana E. Vanderwall
SELECTING LEADS AND DETECTING ADVERSE ACTIVITY: Analysis of Biological Mechanism of Action, and Characterization of Profiles across the Progression Path (14:05-14:35) Dana E. Vanderwall
October 2, 2007 IVT 's Lab Week Stability Programs Regulatory Requirements | Track B Building a Compliant Laboratory Yin Jiang
Type of Stability Studies | Track B Building a Compliant Laboratory Yin Jiang
Batch Selection, Interval, and Storage Condition | Track B Building a Compliant Laboratory Yin Jiang
Interactive Exercise | Track B Building a Compliant Laboratory Yin Jiang
cGMP Regulations | Track B Building a Compliant Laboratory Yin Jiang
State of Control | Track B Building a Compliant Laboratory Yin Jiang
Lean Lab | Track B Building a Compliant Laboratory Yin Jiang
Lab Operational Excellence | Track B Building a Compliant Laboratory Yin Jiang
Interactive Exercise | Track B Building a Compliant Laboratory Yin Jiang
September 24, 2007 High-Content Analysis Europe: High content Cellular Assays for compound screening and Pahtway Analysis (Sep 24-26) HCA for Mechanism-of-Action Studies: Use of the BD Pathway in CNS Drug Discovery to Determine Mechanisms of Compound Action in Primary Neuronal Cultures (16:00-16:30) Claire Scott
HCA for Mechanism-of-Action Studies (16:00-18:00) Claire Scott
September 19, 2007 Baculovirus Technology (Sep 19-20) Baculovirus: The Big Picture (08:30-10:35) Michel Deschuyteneer
Baculovirus - The Big Picture: FEATURED SPEAKER - Quality Assessment of GSK’s Cervical Cancer Candidate Vaccine Manufactured with the Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) (09:20-10:00) Michel Deschuyteneer
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