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Drug Design: Abbott Laboratories

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
June 4, 2013 World Pharma Congress FEATURED PRESENTATION: Safety Pharmacology at the CrossRoads Gary A. Gintant
February 20, 2012 Advances and Progress in Drug Design Hit to lead with X-ray crystallography Kenton Longenecker
April 3, 2011 Evolving Approaches to Early Stage Drug Discovery (Z2) Chemical and Separation Technologies to Accelerate the Hit-to-Lead Phase: Case Studies Daryl R. Sauer
May 4, 2010 Biomarker World Congress 2010 Fit-For-Purpose Biomarker Assay Development and Validation* Viswanath Devanarayan
April 28, 2010 Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry Rational Mutagenesis to Support Structure-Based Drug Design: MAPKAP Kinase 2 as a Case Study Maria Argiriadi
November 2, 2009 Track 3: Fourth Annual Ion Channels as Therapeutic Targets Expression and Purification of Human TRPV1 for Structural Studies Alla Korepanova
Perspectives on TRPA1 as a Pain Target: Challenges and Progress Regina Reilley
September 24, 2009 Track 3:Advancing Cancer Therapy : Inaugural Circulating Tumor Cells Title to be Announced Evelyn M. Mckeegan
September 19, 2009 Nature Chemical Biology Symposium 2009: Chemical Biology in Drug Discovery Session chair: Stephen Fesik
August 5, 2009 Drug Safety Strategies to De-Risk Compounds Three Case Studies of Strategic Use of Novel Technologies in Toxicology to De-risk Compounds Eric A Blomme
Conference Chair Opening Remarks Eric A Blomme
August 3, 2009 The Next Wave of Antibody Therapeutics DVD-Ig™: A Novel Dual-Targeting Technology Tariq Ghayur
June 9, 2009 Inaugural The Expanding Impact of New Animal Models in Drug Safety Assessing Cardiac Inotropic Liabilities of Early Discovery Compounds: A Practical Preclinical Approach Zhi Su
June 9, 2009 RNAi for Target Identification and Validation Cancer Target Identification and Validation by siRNA Library Screening Xiaoyu Lin
June 9, 2009 Third Annual Cardiotoxicity and Drug Safety Challenges of the Integrative Risk Assessment, the “Heart” of Preclinical Cardiac Safety Evaluations Gary A. Gintant
Chairperson’s Remarks Gary A. Gintant
June 9, 2009 Translating Genomic Knowledge Pharmacogenetics: Finding Value in Early Clinical Trials Anahita Bhathena
May 19, 2009 Amorphous Materials Influence of Solid Phase, Formulation and Processing on Tablet Stability Jacqueline Wardrop
March 10, 2009 7th Annual In-House Counsel Forum on Government Regulation of Prescription Drug Pricing New Legislative and Regulatory Developments in Drug Pricing David L Ralston
March 9, 2009 Drug Development Latin America Opportunities for Partnering and Innovation in Latin America Sonia M de Morais
March 3, 2009 2nd annual Competitive Intelligence in Pharma Facing regulatory challenges and the impact on CI processes : Focusing on ex-US issues faced by the US-based pharma companies Paul Setlak
February 9, 2009 Immunogenicity for Biologics 2009 Development and validation of a qualitative cell-based neutralisation assay for a human monoclonal antibody Inge Dreher
Evaluation of screening and confirmatory cut points for immunogenicity assays
January 27, 2009 6th Annual Clinical Trial Performance Metrics Keynote: Real life experience of using metrics in a large pharmaceutical company Michael Meisner
January 26, 2009 Biomarker Assay Development Statistical Issues in the Evaluation of Single and Multi-Plex Biomarker Assays
Pre-Analytical and Analytical Considerations for Assay Development Gerard J Davis
January 26, 2009 Translational Cancer Medicine Pre-Conference Short Course* : Fit-for-Purpose Biomarker Assay Development and Validation Viswanath Devanarayan
December 2, 2008 2nd Annual Lead Discovery Summit 2008:-Compound Library Design, Synthesis & Acquisition Virtual screening: How predictive is it of compound success in wet screening campaigns? Steve Muchmore,
November 11, 2008 Stability Testing for Biologics Comparing forced degradation study results to longerterm stability data: Lessons learned from industry case studies Wolfgang Fraunhofer
October 14, 2008 Crystal Form Selection and Crystallisation of API Co-crystal development: Design for properties and manufacturing Ahmad Sheikh
March 25, 2008 Preclinical Development Chairperson’s Remarks Eric A Blomme
Integration of Novel Technologies in Discovery and Early Development Toxicology Development Toxicology Eric A Blomme
March 25, 2008 TRENDS IN DRUG SAFETY Integration of Novel Technologies in Discovery and Early Development Toxicology Eric A Blomme
Chairperson’s Remarks Eric A Blomme
February 18, 2008 Fragment-based Lead Discovery Conference Opening Plenary Presentation Stephen Fesik
How then Shall we Screen? Phil Hajduk
November 7, 2007 Bridging the Business Development/Alliance Management Interface Nov(7-8) Alliances as a Strategic Function - A Bold New Vision for Alliances at Abbott (10:45-11:25) Richard Marshak
October 17, 2007 Second Annual Ion Channels: An Emerging Target for Therapeutic Development Oct (17-18) TARGETING PAIN MANAGEMENT (13:55-17:10) Bruce Clapham, Arthur Gomtsyan
TARGETING PAIN MANAGEMENT: Potent and Selective TRPV1 Antagonist for Pain Management (16:40-17:10) Arthur Gomtsyan
October 16, 2007 Inaugural Kinbase Inhibitors: Moving Forward into Clinical Studies Oct (16-17) New Therapeutics Scopes (10:35-12:40) Yujia Dai
New Therapeutics Scopes: Multitargeted Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor ABT-869--Discovery and Clinical Development (11:40-12:10) Yujia Dai
October 16, 2007 Fifth Annual RNAi for Drug Discovery and Therapeutics - Best Practices from the Bench to the Clinic Oct (16-17) RNAi DELIVERY - A THERAPEUTIC CHALLENGE (10:35-12:40) Yu Shen
RNAi DELIVERY - A THERAPEUTIC CHALLENGE: A Robust Positive-readout System for Monitoring siRNA Delivery to Tumors (12:10-12:40) Yu Shen
September 19, 2007 Drug Delivery Global Summit Drug Delivery of Monoclonal Antibodies Luk Chui Li
September 17, 2007 Biomarker Discovery Summit: Bridging the Silos in Biomarker Discovery & Validation (Sep17-19) Pre-Conference Workshops; Biomarker Assay Development and Validation: Part I Tutorial FIT-FOR-PURPOSE BIOMARKER ASSAY DEVELOPMENT AND VALIDATION (08:00-12:00) Viswanath Devanarayan
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