Applied Statistics

Drug Design: Boehringer Ingelheim

Total Score People Score Events Score
13 9 12
Date Event Presentation Speakers
November 3, 2009 ASAP-CHI Bio-Pharma Alliance Summit, Driving success with Effect ive Biotech/ Pharma Alliances How to Demonstrate The Value of the Alliance Management Function to your Organization and How to Get Senior Management Support – A Panel Discussion Mike Leonetti
March 3, 2009 2nd annual Competitive Intelligence in Pharma CASE STUDY: Benchmarking on a budget - harnessing internal resources for technical intelligence Carolyn Foster
November 17, 2008 BIO-Europe 2008 Re-invention of the Drug Industry – Case Studies and Their Implications for Future Dealmaking Klaus Wilgenbus
November 3, 2008 ASAP-CHI Bio-Pharma Alliance Summit ASAP BioPharma Council Meeting Mike Leonetti
December 4, 2007 7th World Drug Discovery & Development Summit 2007 DATA MANAGEMENT AND MINING - ENABLING EARLY DECISION MAKING Dr. Michael Huebner
November 7, 2007 Bridging the Business Development/Alliance Management Interface Nov(7-8) The Business Development / Alliance Management Interface at Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (11:25-12:05) Mike Leonetti
Bridging the Business Development/Alliance Management GAP and Beyond: GOVERNANCE AND PERFORMANCE - A Panel Discussion (11:50-12:50) Mike Leonetti
November 5, 2007 Bio-Pharma Alliance Summit Nov (05-06) Chairman’s Welcome and The ASAP/CHI Alliance (09:00-09:15) Mike Leonetti
ASAP BioPharma Council Meeting (08:30-09:30) Mike Leonetti
From Good to Great: The Flomax® Alliance – An Alliance Case Study (13:30-14:10) Karen Iannella
October 16, 2007 Inaugural Kinbase Inhibitors: Moving Forward into Clinical Studies Oct (16-17) Executive Panel: Delivering Drugs for Difficult Targets (08:40-09:40) Mikael Dolsten
October 16, 2007 Fifth Annual RNAi for Drug Discovery and Therapeutics - Best Practices from the Bench to the Clinic Oct (16-17) Keynote Introduction; Executive Panel: Delivering Drugs for Difficult Targets (08:40-09:40) Mikael Dolsten
October 15, 2007 Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Third Annual Mastering Process Chemistry Oct (15-17) NOVEL IMPROVEMENTS FOR OPTIMAL SYNTHESIS: A Mild Version of Grignard Reagents and Its Application for the Production of Drug Substances(14:35-15:05) Xiao-jun Wang
September 24, 2007 High-Content Analysis Europe: High content Cellular Assays for compound screening and Pahtway Analysis (Sep 24-26) HCA for Compound Screening (08:40-1130) Ralf Heilker
HCA for Compound Screening: Case Study - Monitoring of Chemokine Receptor Activation Using High-Content Screening (08:40-09:10) Ralf Heilker
September 19, 2007 Baculovirus Technology (Sep 19-20) Protein Production (13:45-16:00) Alycia Shoultz
Protein Production: From Automated Screening to Production - Streamlining Protein Production in the Baculovirus Expression System (14:25-14:55) Alycia Shoultz
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