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Genomics: University of Iowa

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
April 13, 2016 Genomics of Rare Disease: Beyond the Exome PCSK9 inhibitors: Rapidly moving from discovery to bedside Jennifer Robinson
December 11, 2013 Rat Genomics & Models Rat Genomics & Models Anne Kwitek
April 11, 2010 Molecular Targets for Control of Vector-Borne Diseases: Bridging Lab and Field Research (F2) * Inducing Optimal Protective Responses with Vaccines | Big Horn B John Harty
December 4, 2008 BIT Life Sciences 2nd Annual World Congress of Gene-2008 (WCG 2008) Session Chair :Track 1-6 (II) Bimal K. , Ray
Gene Regulation and its Implications:Track 1-6 (II) Bimal K. , Ray
Approaches to the treatment of hearing and vision disorders:Track 2-12 William J. Kimberling
March 9, 2008 Biology OF Acute Respiratory Infection Genomics approaches to innate immunity gene discovery in airway epithelia Paul B. McCray
February 3, 2008 GRC - Molecular Evolution Evolvability of Complex Traits Lilach Hadany
December 6, 2007 RAT GENOMICS & MODELS Comparative Disease Genomics Todd Scheetz
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Minisymposium 1A:Cell Biology Working Group: Challenges in Cell Biology—The Nature of Cytoplasm Joseph Frankel
Recycling Endosomes, A Nexus for Post-Golgi Traffi c (Room 144 B/C) David R Sheff
Remodeling of Interphase Chromatin Structure Caused by Ectopic Histone H3S10 Phosphorylation. X Bao, W Cai, J Girton, J Johansen, H Deng, M J Blacketer, K M Johansen
July 21, 2007 Ciliate Molecular Biology Forward genetics and cortical patterns in Tetrahymena Joseph Frankel
June 9, 2007 Transport ATPases: Structure, Mechanisms, Genomics and Disease Role of CFTR's intrinsic adenylate kinase activity in gating of the chloride channel Christoph O Randak
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