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Total Score People Score Events Score
29 26 18
Date Event Presentation Speakers
October 3, 2016 Global Engage's Probiotics Congress: USA Senior Pharma Representatives x1 Arpita Maiti
January 24, 2016 10th PMWC 2016 Personalized Medicine World Conference TRACK 2 | Unique Challenges to Discover and Develop Novel Therapeutics Albert B. Seymour
April 28, 2014 Companion Diagnostics: From Biomarker Identification to Market Entry Case Study: Xalkori Companion Diagnostic Hakan Sakul
December 4, 2012 CGS – The Cancer Genome Summit Accelerating the Drug Development Pipeline using Cancer Genome Sequencing Mao Mao
March 27, 2011 Autophagy (D1) mTOR at the Crossroads of Cancer Metabolism and Cancer Therapy Robert T. Abraham
May 4, 2010 Biomarker World Congress 2010 Pre-clinical Translational Biomarkers: Enabling Early Predictions Using PK/PD Mark Fidock
April 27, 2010 Fragment Based Drug Discovery Fragment Optimization of a Dynamic Target: Finding Non-peptidic Matter for the Ala-Val Subpockets XIAP Cathy Moore
Talk Title to be Announced Ye Che
August 5, 2009 Targets in Context - Linking Targets to Diseases Agenda Human Genetics and Disease Relevant Targets: Linking Clinical Outcomes to Targets Albert B. Seymour
RNAi in Practice Ð Assays and Screening in Mammalian Cells Steven Haney
Tissue Engineered Tumor Niches as Drug Testing Platforms Eric YH Park
June 16, 2009 GenoToxic Impurities Linking forced degradation to genotoxic impurities Alan McKeown
June 9, 2009 RNAi for Therapeutic Indications Chairperson’s Remarks Arthur M. Krieg
Understanding the Immune Effects of RNA Arthur M. Krieg
January 26, 2009 Biomarker Assay Development Assessment of Free-and Total- Drug Concentration in the Development of Biotherapeutic Agents - Analytical and Biological Considerations Scott Fountain
Quantification of “Total” and/or “Free” Target Protein Biomarker: Approaches and Applications Jean W Lee
Low Abundance Protein Biomarker Quantitation Using Immunoaffinity Enrichment And Nanoflow LC-MS/MS Hendrik Neubert
Validating Cell-Based Biomarker Assays Iman Jilani
December 4, 2008 BIT Life Sciences 2nd Annual World Congress of Gene-2008 (WCG 2008) Title: TBD :Track 2-3 Yuan-Hua Ding
September 23, 2008 Integrative Data Analysis True Single Molecule Sequencing™: The Continuing Path to the $1000 Genome Patrice M. Milos
September 22, 2008 Genomics Tools True Single Molecule Sequencing™: The Continuing Path to the $1000 Genome Patrice M. Milos
January 6, 2008 Structural Genomics and its Applications to Chemistry, Biology and Medicine Workshop 1: Applications of Structural Genomics for Structural Biology David C. Wood
October 15, 2007 2nd Annual Innovations in Clinical Trials: Implementations of Biomarkers (Oct15-16) BIOIMAGING FOR MONITORING RESPONSE TO THERAPY, DOSE SELECTION, ASSESSING MOLECULAR ACTIVITY AND RECEPTOR OCCUPANCY (08:00-13:30) David Lester
Chairperson’s Remarks (08:00-08:05) David Lester
The Use of Cardiovascular Imaging in Drug Development: From Preclinical to Diagnostic Applications (10:30-11:00) David Lester
September 30, 2007 Bridging Pharma and IT - Leveraging Information Technology to Improve Productivity (Sep30-Oct2) BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: An Integrated Desktop Computing Environment for Chemists (14:00-14:45) Daniel Ortwine, Robert Goulet
BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT (09:30-15:30) Julie Hughes, Daniel Ortwine, Robert Goulet
BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: Developing of Enabling Informatics Technology in Support of the Development of Drug Candidates (09:30-10:15) Julie Hughes
BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT (10:45-15:15) Melinda Rottas, Peter F. Thadeio
BRIDGING DISCOVERY/DEVELOPMENT AND IT: One Company ~ 2 Worlds - Bridging Discovery and Development Information (10:45-11:30) Melinda Rottas, Peter F. Thadeio
September 17, 2007 Biomarker Discovery Summit: Bridging the Silos in Biomarker Discovery & Validation (Sep17-19) Third Annual Toxicity Biomarkers; TOXICITY BIOMARKER DISCOVERY (08:30-11:00) Frances Clemo
Third Annual Toxicity Biomarkers; TOXICITY BIOMARKER DISCOVERY: Preclinical Biomarkers of Hepatotoxicity: What’s new? (09:35-10:05) Frances Clemo
Pre-Conference Workshops; Biomarker Assay Development and Validation: Part I Tutorial FIT-FOR-PURPOSE BIOMARKER ASSAY DEVELOPMENT AND VALIDATION (08:00-12:00) Jean W Lee
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