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Genomics: University of California, San Francisco

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
February 10, 2014 Predictive Preclinical Models in Oncology Microenvironmental Regulation of GBM Progression and Therapeutic Resistance Gabrielle Bergers
Pfizer’s Strategy for the Application of Preclinical Models to Fuel Discovery Biology and Drug Discovery Peter Olson
December 11, 2013 Rat Genomics & Models Rat Genomics & Models Theodore Kurtz
July 21, 2013 54th Annual Short Course on Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics Monday, July 29 Inflammatory Response Jennifer Puck
May 31, 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting 2013 Education Sessions Alan Venook
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings BRAF Pathway Inhibitors in Melanoma: Where Do We Go from Here? Chairperson: Richard M. Marais, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Manchester, United Kingdom Martin McMahon
Translational Control and Stress Response Pathways in Cancer Chairperson: Davide Ruggero, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, San Francisco, CA Davide Ruggero
Next-Generation Therapeutic Modeling in Mice Allan Balmain
The Next Frontier in Targeted Therapy for Melanoma Chairperson to be announced Martin McMahon
February 3, 2013 Neurogenesis (J7) Model Systems Arnold Kriegstein
February 3, 2013 New Frontiers in Neurodegenerative Disease Research (J8) Short Talk: Progranulin and Granulin: Reciprocal Modulators of Organismal Stress Response Aimee W. Kao
July 15, 2012 53rd Annual Short Course on Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics Evening Lecture | Mouse Models of Cancer Predisposition Allan Balmain
January 15, 2012 Drug Discovery for Protozoan Parasites (J1) Keynote Session (Joint) John M. Taylor
Workshop 2: Publishing (Joint) Alexander Johnson
Cell Circuitry and Adaptive Responses Alexander Johnson
March 20, 2011 HIV Evolution, Genomics, and Pathogenesis (X7) TLR-Mediated IFNalpha and IDO Production in pDC is Altered in African Green Monkeys Richard M. Dunham
March 6, 2011 Stem Cells, Cancer and Metastasis (C4) MicroRNA Regulation of Stem Cells and Cancer Robert H. Blelloch
September 12, 2010 Joint Metastasis Research Society-AACR Conference in Conjunction with the Tumor Microenvironment Working Group of the AACR The force journey of a tumor cell Valerie M. Weaver
Session 5: Metastasis and the Matrix Valerie M. Weaver
August 18, 2010 Challenges in Pre-Clinical & Clinical Development - Top 5 Challenges in Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics Panelists: Andrew T. Parsa
Talk Title to be Announced Andrew T. Parsa
July 11, 2010 Translational Cancer Medicine 2010 (USA) Rational integration of HDAC inhibitors into cancer therapy Pamela N. Munster
June 12, 2010 Genetics 2010: Model Organisms to Human Biology Session 6: Modern approaches to pathogenesis and infectious disease Joe DeRisi
May 19, 2010 Towards Personalized Cancer Medicine The Cancer Genome and Therapeutics J. Michael Bishop
May 10, 2010 The New Science of Ageing Single gene mutations in C. elegans Cynthia Kenyon
October 19, 2009 26th Annual Symposium Cardiology for the Practitioner When is Revascularization Really Needed in Chronic Ischemic Syndromes? The Impact of COURAGE and BARI-2D | Day 2 Michael Crawford
The Role of Newer Antianginal Drugs in Patient with CAD | Day 2 Prakash Deedwania
Is There Still a Role of PCI in ACS Beyond ST-Elevation MI?: The Conundrum of Antiplatelet Therapy for DES in Real Life | Day 2 John Ambrose
SESSION TITLE: The State of the Art in Acute and Chronic Ischemic Syndromes, Atrial Fibrillation, and Mind, Body and Heart interaction | Day 2 Prakash Deedwania
ECG Workshop: Special interactive session on ECG interpretation (Participants are encouraged to read in advance the ECG examples given in their course handbook and bring digital images of challenging ECGs.) | Day 2 Nora F. Goldschlager
B) Practical Issues in the Management of Patients with Acute and Chronic Ischemic Syndromes | Day 1 John Ambrose, Michael Crawford, Prakash Deedwania
A) Practical Issues in the Management of Patients with Hypertension, Diabetes, and Dyslipidemia | Day 1 John Kane
Emerging Role of Genomics in Identifying Patients at High Risk of Cardiovascular Disease | Day 1 John Kane
Critical Appraisal of the Clinical Utility and Limitations of Newer Cardiac Imaging Modalities in the Evaluation of Cardiac Patients: CT Angio, EBCT, MRI, etc. | Day 1 Rita Redberg
Going Beyond LDL Reduction: Is There a Role of Treatment Specifically Targeted Towards Biomarkers Such as Hs-CRP LpPla2, etc | Day 1 Mary Malloy
Comprehensive Evaluation and Management of CVD in Women | Day 1 Rita Redberg
Welcome and Introduction | Day 1 Prakash Deedwania
SESSION TITLE: Traditional vs. Emerging Risk Factors; Role of Risk Predictive Models; CVD in Women | Day 1 Prakash Deedwania
Emerging Therapeutic Strategies in Atrial Fibrillation: Role of Rate vs. Rhythm Control and Chronic Anticoagulation: The Role of Newer Drugs | Day 2 Nora F. Goldschlager
Cardiac Auscultation Workshop Using Commonly Encountered Clinical Scenarios: What Do I Hear and What Does It Mean? | Day 2 Kanu Chatterjee
Role of AICD and Biventricular Pacing Therapy in Heart Failure | Day 3 Nora F. Goldschlager
SESSION TITLE: Clinical Case Presentations, Heart Failure, Device Therapies, Cardiac Transplantation, and Perioperative Cardiac Evaluation | Day 3 Enrique V. Carbajal
Case Presentations of Commonly Encountered Clinical Scenarios | Day 3 Cyrus Buhari
An Update on Management of Patients with Systolic and Diastolic Heart Failure. | Day 3 Kanu Chatterjee
Panel Discussion: Enrique V. Carbajal, Kanu Chatterjee, Michael Crawford, Nora F. Goldschlager
A Cost Effective Approach for Perioperative Evaluation and Management | Day 3 Michael Crawford
November 6, 2008 The 2008 Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity & Cancer Split Session C: Molecular Signaling via Hedgehog and Wnt Pathways in Skin Cancer Daniel D. Bikle
March 9, 2008 Biology OF Acute Respiratory Infection Virulence factors of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Joanne N. Engel
Bacterial pneumonia: effect on lung permeability and lung fluid balance Michael A. Matthay
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Minisymposium 4:Supported by Genentech Joanne N. Engel
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Exotoxin T Inhibits Repair of Wounded Epithelium by Redundant and Failsafe Mechanisms S Shafi khani
The Third Dimension Drives N-CoR2-dependent Death Resistance. Valerie M Weaver
In Vitro and In Silico Reconstitution of DNA Segregation: A 3 Component, Kinetically Self-contained Plasmid DNA Segregating Spindle Bruce Alberts
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