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Genomics: CNRS

Total Score People Score Events Score
20 18 11
Date Event Presentation Speakers
June 7, 2015 The 6th Congress of European Microbiologists (FEMS 2015) The 6th Congress of European Microbiologists (FEMS 2015) Alain Filloux
March 25, 2015 Personalised Cancer Medicine & Big Data Analysis - 7th International Conference of Contemporary Oncology Revisiting Tumor Hypoxia and Tumor Angiogenesis Towards New Treatment Potentialities Claudine Kieda
July 10, 2011 2011 FASEB Summer Research Conferences: Ciliate Molecular Biology Exploring the Paramecium genome Linda Sperling
April 11, 2010 Molecular Targets for Control of Vector-Borne Diseases: Bridging Lab and Field Research (F2) Insect Immunity | Big Horn C Elena Levashina
April 27, 2008 Difficult to Express Proteins From Neanderthal to Nanobiotech: From Plant Potions to Pharming—Should We Make the Switch to Plant Expression? Loïc FAYE
March 4, 2008 Maintenance of Genome Stability Conference 2008 Session 1: Replication, recombination and repair (Chair: Jim Haber) Geneviève Almouzni
February 24, 2008 GENES & BEHAVIOR Mammary messages that engage social behavior and learning in infant mammals Benoist Schaal
January 23, 2008 Virtual Discovery Computational Methods, High Performance Computing Vinod Kasam
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Fundamental Changes in Large-Scale Chromatin Organization Accompany Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells. Edith Heard
Robustness and Evolution of Caenorhabditis Vulva Development Josselin MILLOZ, M A Felix
Anisotropic Intercellular Surface Tension Is Suffi cient to Rearrange Cell Patterns and Drive Intercalation in Epithelia T Lecuit, Pierre François LENNE
Nonequilibrium Mechanics of Active Cytoskeletal Networks from In Vitro Model System to Cultured Living Cells C Tardin
July 21, 2007 Ciliate Molecular Biology Paramecium genome landscape: a somatic view of the germline Linda Sperling
Maternal non-coding transcripts antagonize the targeting of DNA elimination by scanRNAs in Paramecium tetraurelia Cathy Fisch
Functional analysis of genes coding for Argonaute/Piwi proteins in Paramecium tetraurelia Khaled Bouhouch
Translational control of intron splicing in eukaryotes: lessons from the Paramecium genome Eric Meyer
Unraveling the function of B9 proteins in ciliogenesis Cathy Fisch
Centrins and Sfi1-like proteins in the contractile infraciliary lattice of Paramecium Delphine Gogendeau
July 7, 2007 CHROMATIN AND TRANSCRIPTION Nuclear dynamics and chromatin changes during X-chromosome inactivation Edith Heard
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