3D Tissue Models

Microscopy: European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Total Score People Score Events Score
6 5 4
Date Event Presentation Speakers
May 8, 2011 Omics Meets Cell Biology (E1) Automating Fluorescence Microscopy for Systems Biology | From Genome-Wide Profiling to the Analysis of Protein Complexes Jan Ellenberg
June 22, 2009 Symposium: Light Microscopy meets Structural Biology Fluorescence microscopy-based methods to study protein dynamics in live cells: from FRAP to FCCS Jan Ellenberg
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Reconstitution of a Microtubule Plus-End Tracking System In Vitro P Bieling, L. Sandblad
Identifi cation of a Key Component of the Eukaryotic Endomembrane System in Compartmentalized Bacteria D Devos
Determining the Molecular Architectures of Cellular Machines by Satisfaction of Spatial Restraints: The Nuclear Pore Complex. D Devos
September 20, 2007 RNAi Europe Genome-Wide Functional Analysis of Mitotic Genes in Live Human Cells Using RNAi in Combination with Time-Lapse Microscopy Beate Neumann
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