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Nutrition: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Total Score People Score Events Score
8 7 6
Date Event Presentation Speakers
January 4, 2017 Innovations in Gastroenterology, 2017 Symposium Targeting genomic alterations of Colitis associated cancers: David Kelsen, USA David P Kelsen
November 15, 2011 Cosa 38th Annual Scientific Meeting Challenges in development of novel therapeutics Howard Scher
June 24, 2010 The 1st International Congress on Longevity, Health and Aging (CoLONGY) DEBATE: Diabetes control in the elderly and the very elderly Patrick Boland
Session 4: Diabetes in elderly Patrick Boland
February 19, 2010 Eighth International Symposium on Supportive Care in Oncology: Cancer Management in the Era of Targeted Agents Special Lecture: Integrative Approaches to Supportive Cancer Care Gary E. Deng
Management of Skin Rash and Other Cutaneous Toxicities Mario E. Lacouture
November 6, 2008 The 2008 Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity & Cancer Split Session B: Integrative Oncology for Survivors: Complementary Therapies, Herbs and Other Non-Prescription Agents Barrie R. Cassileth
November 15, 2007 2007 Fourth International Conference Introduction/Welcome Carol Aghajanian
1. Integrative Oncology Education Models Panel Gary E. Deng
1. Integrative Oncology Education Models Panel Gary E. Deng
The Patient’s Perspective Panel Carol Aghajanian
Poster Review Gary E. Deng
Tumor Board — Integrative Case Studies Carol Aghajanian
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