3D Tissue Models

Nutrition: Tel Aviv University, Israel

Total Score People Score Events Score
3 3 1
Date Event Presentation Speakers
June 24, 2010 The 1st International Congress on Longevity, Health and Aging (CoLONGY) DEBATE: Is aging just a collection of diseases or an intrinsic biological process? Yitshal Berner
Plenary Session 1: Longevity determined by aging or by age associated disease Yitshal Berner
Session 5: Mild cognitive impairment - when do we start treatment? Amos Korczyn
DEBATE: Difficulty in sleeping and alternative medicine Yitshal Berner
DEBATE: Vascular and blood pressure age related changes: Determinants, consequences and treatment. Dror Dicker
DEBATE: Is amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) a useful concept? Amos Korczyn
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