Applied Statistics

Peptides: Yale University

Total Score People Score Events Score
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Date Event Presentation Speakers
April 12, 2015 Immunology of Diabetes Society 14th International Congress Immunology of Diabetes Society 14th International Congress Kevan C. Herold
September 7, 2014 EFMC-ISMC 2014 - XXIII International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry The UCB-Ehrlich Award for Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry Small Molecule Control Of Intracellular Protein Levels Craig M Crews
October 16, 2013 Drug Discovery Re-Invented; Emerging Role of Biotechs, Academics and Non-Profits Drug Discovery Accelerated by Computational Methods William L Jorgensen
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings New Paradigms in Molecular Pharmacology Chairperson: Angela N. Koehler, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, MA Andrew J. Phillips
February 26, 2011 Mucosal Biology: A Fine Balance between Tolerance and Immunity (X5) Viruses in Health and Disease | Prime and Pull: Protection against Genital HSV Infection Haina Shin
September 16, 2008 Structural Biology and Activation Mechanisms of Membrane Receptors (S1) From Receptor Structure to Activation Mechanism Joseph Schlessinger
August 13, 2008 Advances In Cancer Vaccines Artificial Cells Derived from Biodegradable Materials that Boost the Immune Response Tarek Fahmy
April 27, 2008 Phage Display of Antibodies and Peptides Chairperson’s Remarks Ayano Satoh
February 17, 2008 GRC - Peptides, Chemistry & Biology Of Peptide-Based Catalysts for Asymmetric Organic Synthesis Scott J. Miller
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