3D Tissue Models

Pharmacology: Schering Plough

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
November 2, 2009 Track 4: Fourth Annual GPCR-based drug discovery Case Study of Preladenant, an A2A Antagonist for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease Andy Stamford
April 6, 2009 Second Annual HCV DRUG DISCOVERY Update on Boceprevir and other HCV Protease Inhbitors Robert Ralston
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Robert Ralston
October 21, 2008 Ion Channels as therapeutic targets Chairperson’s Remarks Chuan-Chu Chou
Correlating in vitro Potency with in vivo Efficacy for Ion Channel Modulators, Primary Cell Lines and Automated Patch Clamp Systems for Screening, Outside the Box: Are There Non-Conventional Ways for Ion Channel-Based Drug Discovery? Chuan-Chu Chou
Chairperson’s Remarks Chuan-Chu Chou
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