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Date Event Presentation Speakers
January 24, 2016 10th PMWC 2016 Personalized Medicine World Conference TRACK 2 | Unique Challenges to Discover and Develop Novel Therapeutics Albert B. Seymour
May 6, 2014 Europe Drug Discovery Summit Europe Drug Discovery Summit Fabien Vincent, Paul Galatsis
March 19, 2013 Stem Cells for Drug Developers Characterization and Utilization of iPS Derived Cardiomyocytes in Early Predictive Screening Dinesh Puppala
February 10, 2013 7thANNUAL DRUG DISCOVERY FOR NEURODEGENERATION CONFERENCE: An Intensive Course on Translating Research into Drugs Plenary: Transforming Drug Discovery for Complex Diseases: A Systems Biology Approac Piet Van Der Graaf
October 3, 2011 2011 World Stem Cell Summit Unleashing Regenerative Medicine to Extend the Healthy Lifespan: Technological Issues and Commercial Opportunities Michael R. Wester
October 20, 2010 6th Annual Meeting of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society Session III: Two Short (15 min) Abstract Talks Arthur M. Krieg
November 2, 2009 Track 5: Third Annual RNAi for Developing Targeted Therapeutics Delivery is in the Details Catherine J. Pachuk
August 24, 2009 Fifth Annual Optimizing Cell Culture Technologies Using Systematic Metabolite Analysis to Guide Cell Culture Process Optimization Zhaohui Geng
A Scalable Human Adipocyte Model for the Study of Insulin Resistance Deb Nathan
June 16, 2009 4th Annual Cell Based Assays Tackling the challenges of ion channels: developing assays to bridge the gap between experiments and patients Dermot O' Callaghan
Opening remarks from the Chairperson Darren Cawkill
Big isn't always beautiful: effective hit identification using subset screening for ion channels Helen Boyd
Closing remarks from the Chairperson Darren Cawkill
March 25, 2009 The Stem Cell Meeting '09 Agenda Panel: Big Pharma / Large Companies – Stem Cell Applications John McNeish
March 23, 2009 StemCONN: Connecticut's International Stem Cell Research Symposium Translation to Clinic Workshop John D. McNeish
January 5, 2009 High Content Analysis Use of Label-Free Cell Based Assays in Drug Discovery Frank Stuhmeier
December 2, 2008 2nd Annual Lead Discovery Summit 2008:--Primary & Secondary Screening Cycle management and alignment of operational groups: Optimising discovery by reducing SAR cycle time Wilma Keighley,
Experience and data from the use of cryopreserved cells in screens: Maximising efficiency Peter Stacey,
September 23, 2008 Integrative Data Analysis True Single Molecule Sequencing™: The Continuing Path to the $1000 Genome Patrice M. Milos
May 4, 2008 Impact China IV: Pharmaceutical R&D Global Summit Elective: Track A: Collaborations & Partnerships: Developing an Effective Partnership with Chinese Companies Steve Q. Yang
March 25, 2008 Mastering Medicinal Chemistry Discovery and Development of Potent and Highly Selective c-Met/ HGFR Inhibitors Robert Kania
March 25, 2008 R&D Risk Mitigation Adapting to a Shifting Industry: How Are Deals Evolving? Stefanie A Hansen
March 25, 2008 Clinical Trials Asia Clinical Research Landscape in India Chandrashekhar Potkar
Recent Regulatory Changes in India Chandrashekhar Potkar
March 25, 2008 Preclinical Development Development of an in Vitro Cytokine Release Assay and its Predicative Value Jing Min
March 25, 2008 TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE Challenges and Opportunities in Translational Oncology Dominic Spinella
Chairperson’s Remarks Dominic Spinella
March 25, 2008 TRENDS IN DRUG SAFETY Development of an in Vitro Cytokine Release Assay and its Predicative Value Jing Min
November 7, 2007 Srial II: Advances and Challenges Toward Major Diseases: Extension on New Hope Nov (07-13) Session 16: Protein and Peptide Drug Development (13:30-17:00) Anton Fliri, Xing Wang
Session 16: Studies on the Origin of Protein Network Topologies (14:50-15:10) Anton Fliri
Session 16: Analytical Challenges in Protein Therapeutics Development (13:30-13:50) Xing Wang
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