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Stem Cells: INSERM

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
January 12, 2014 Gordon Research Conference: Glycolipid & Sphingolipid Biology Thierry Levade (INSERM & Center of Research on Cancer of Toulouse, France) "Introduction: Key Issues" Thierry Levade
Glycolipids and Sphingolipids in Neurologic Disorders Thierry Levade
September 15, 2013 ISSCR Regional Forum - Stem Cells in Translation Defining Regenerative Mechanisms David Sassoon
May 31, 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting 2013 Education Sessions Jean-Yves Blay
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings Mitotic Checkpoints Driving Cancer Therapeutic Strategies Chairperson: Peter K. Jackson, Genentech, Inc., South San Francisco, CA Guido Kroemer
January 20, 2013 Tumor Invasion and Metastasis Microenvironmental control of bone metastasis Sylvain Provot
August 21, 2011 The TGF-β Superfamily: Signaling in Development and Disease TGF-β/Hippo pathway interactions in melanoma Alain Mauviel
May 26, 2010 International Symposium Stem Cells in Biology & Disease SESSION 4: Neurodegenerative disease modelling & prospects for neural repair Marc Peschanski
November 2, 2009 Track 5: Third Annual RNAi for Developing Targeted Therapeutics Novel Cationic Liposome Formulation for RNAi-based Validation of Therapeutic Targets in Rheumatoid Arthritis Florence Apparailly
February 10, 2008 GRC - Prolactin & Growth Hormone Family PRLR polymorphisms and breast diseases Philippe Touraine
A New Surface Plasmon Resonance Set Up To Characterize The Interactions Within Prl-Prlr Complexes Estelle Tallet
PRL and ovary Nadine Binart
Discussion Vincent Goffin
November 15, 2007 Genostem 2007 Mesenchymal Stem Cells Welcome Christian Jorgensen
Advances in stem cell biology – future perspectives Laure Coulombel
Mesenchymal Stem Cells : General MSC biology – Role of the Genostem Consortium Pierre Charbord
ES - MSCs Marc Peschanski
Fox1 Christian Jorgensen
Bone Repair Pierre Marie
July 14, 2007 Skeletal Muscle Satellite & Stem Cells Injured skeletal muscle recruits inflammatory monocytes that switch into anti-inflammatory macrophages to support myogenesis Benedicte Chazaud
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