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Stem Cells: Whitehead Institute

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
March 2, 2014 Alzheimer’s Disease – From Fundamental Insights to Light at the End of the Translational Tunnel (Q8) What Are the Toxic Species of Tau, Abeta and alpha-Synuclein (Joint) Registered attendees can view abstracts starting on 02/02/2014 Susan L Lindquist
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings Mutations in Epigenetic Regulators in Cancer Chairperson: Scott A. Armstrong, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY Richard A. Young
Obesity, Energy Balance, and Metabolism Chairperson: Eileen P. White, UMDNJ-The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ David M Sabatini
Metabolism and Signaling in Cancer Chairperson: Eyal Gottlieb, The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Glasgow, United Kingdom David M Sabatini
February 3, 2013 New Frontiers in Neurodegenerative Disease Research (J8) Modeling Pathology in Simpler Cells Susan L Lindquist
January 20, 2013 Tumor Invasion and Metastasis Cancer stem cells and the mechanisms of metastatic dissemination Robert A Weinberg
October 3, 2011 2011 World Stem Cell Summit Science Keynote Address Rudolf Jaenisch
September 11, 2011 Stem Cells in Development and Disease Stem Cells in Development and Disease Robert A Weinberg, Rudolf Jaenisch
August 20, 2011 20th Annual Short Course on Experimental Models of Human Cancer Mechanisms of malignant progression Robert A Weinberg
May 26, 2011 Idibell Cancer Conference on Metastasis and Angiogenesis Keynote Lecture | EMT, Cancer Stem Cells, and HIgh-Grade Malignancy Robert A Weinberg
March 6, 2011 Stem Cells, Cancer and Metastasis (C4) Keynote Address | Longs/Grays Peak Robert A Weinberg
Roundtable: Cancer Stem Cells in Metastasis: Insights and Controversies Robert A Weinberg
May 1, 2010 Workshop on Animal Models for Human Stem Cell Therapy iPs methodology and suggestions: ES, iPS and disease models Rudolf Jaenisch
Human ES cells Markers, chromosomes Rudolf Jaenisch
June 11, 2008 6th ISSCR Annual Meeting Panel Alexander Meissner
March 24, 2008 Signaling Pathways in Cancer and Development Enabling Technologies and Treatment Marius Wernig
January 13, 2008 Pathological and Physiological Regulation of Cardiac Hypertrophy MicroRNAs in Cardiac Development and Disease Prakash K Rao
December 13, 2007 Stem Cells 2007 Regulatory Circuitry of Human Embryonic Stem Cells Richard A. Young
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Actin Dynamics Regulate a Biophysical Maturation Switch in Focal Adhesions. Peng Ji
November 14, 2007 Advances in Breast Cancer Research Mechanisms of Malignant Progression Robert A Weinberg
Dnmt3b Promotes Tumorigenesis in vivo by Gene-specific de novo Methylation and Transcriptional Silencing Rudolf Jaenisch
September 9, 2007 Stem Cells & Cancer Understanding the Molecular Basis of Oncogenesis Robert A Weinberg
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