3D Tissue Models

Surgery: University of Colorado Denver

Total Score People Score Events Score
13 12 6
Date Event Presentation Speakers
February 13, 2016 16th Annual International Symposium On congenital heart disease 6 Research Workshop | The Children’s Clinical and Translational Research Organization: Enhanced Infrastructure for Optimizing the Design and Execution of Clinical Trials and Longitudinal Cohort Studies in the Era of Precision Medicine Neil Goldenberg
6 Research Workshop | Multi - Institutional Research: Lessons Learned in Academic Committee and Regulatory Agency Oversight, from the Kids - DOTT Trial and ATLAS Group Experiences Neil Goldenberg
February 18, 2015 8th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2015) SESSION 13 – PLENARY – YEARBOOK Chairmen: Moshe Phillip and Tadej Battelino Satish K. Garg
July 9, 2012 Hugh Greenway's 29th Annual Superficial Anatomy and Cutaneous Surgery Interpolation Flaps J. Ramsey Mellette
Perioral Reconstruction J. Ramsey Mellette
July 15, 2011 Practical Ways to Achieve Targets in Diabetes Care New Treatment Options for Type 2 Diabetes Peter Gottlieb
Welcome and Introductory Remarks Satish K. Garg
Panel Discussion on Recent Controversies Marian Rewers
Risk Factors for CVD in Type 1 Diabetes Marian Rewers
Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Marian Rewers
Upcoming News in Diabetes George S. Eisenbarth
Welcome and Introductory Remarks Satish K. Garg
Question & Answer and Panel Discussion Daniel Bessesen, James Hill, Judith Regensteiner
Anti-Obesity Drugs in the Pipeline and the Role of Bariatric Surgery for Diabetes Rx Daniel Bessesen
Exercise in Type 2 Diabetes Judith Regensteiner
Lifestyle Approaches to Management of Type 2 Diabetes James Hill
Ways to Resurrect Residual Beta Cell Mass George S. Eisenbarth
We Will Cure Diabetes! Ron Gill
Yes, We are Close to Preventing Diabetes! Peter Gottlieb
Panel Discussion on News from the ADA Satish K. Garg
Concluding Remarks Satish K. Garg
Panel Discussion | Update on Pancreatic Transplant Satish K. Garg, Ron Gill, Peter Gottlieb, George S. Eisenbarth
April 27, 2011 2011 International Conference on Eating Disorders Reward Processing in Anorexia Nervosa and the Problem with Refeeding Guido K.W. Frank
February 24, 2011 Fourth Annual International Symposium on Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy and Stereotactic Radiosurgery SBRT for Prostate Cancer Brian D. Kavanagh
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