Applied Statistics

Surgery: National Institutes of Health

Total Score People Score Events Score
19 18 14

Presented at Cancer Biology Event
Name Specialty Accomplish Score Popularity Score City, State Most Recent Event
Goldstein, David No specialty recorded 80 Unavailable Bethesda , MD Genomic Medicine Conference
Harris, Curtis C. No specialty recorded 66 6 Bethesda, MD AACR Annual Meetings
Birrer, Michael No specialty recorded 52 6 Bethesda, MD 16th Biennial Meeting of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS 2016)
Hunter, Kent No specialty recorded 52 Unavailable 21st Annual Short Course on Experimental Models of Human Cancer
Yang, Wei No specialty recorded 41 Unavailable Bethesda, MD Chicago International Breast Course and The Society for the Advancement of Women's Imaging Annual Meeting
Abrams, Jeffrey No specialty recorded 40 Unavailable Bethesda, MD AMERICAN SHOULDER AND ELBOW SURGEONS
Steeg, Patricia No specialty recorded 40 Unavailable Bethesda, Maryland Montreal International Symposium on Angiogenesis and Metastasis – MISAM-2013
Wright, John No specialty recorded 40 Unavailable Bethesda, MD The Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium XXVI OR Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium, Innovative Cancer Therapy for Tomorrow
McShane, Lisa Statistical analysis of genomic data, biomarker evaluation, laboratory quality control, assay reliability, spatial statistics, measurement error adjustment methods 39 Unavailable Rockville,, MD AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics
Pingpank, James , Cancer Biology 39 Unavailable Bethesda, MD Seventh International Symposium on Melanoma and Other Cutaneous Malignancies
Pommier, Yves No specialty recorded 26 Unavailable 13th International Congress on Targeted Anticancer Therapies
Travis, Lois No specialty recorded 14 Unavailable ASCO Annual'08 Meeting
Widemann, Brigitte No specialty recorded 14 Unavailable Bethesda, MD ASCO Annual'08 Meeting
Wood, Bradford No specialty recorded 14 Unavailable Bethesda 19th Annual Symposium on Current Issues And New Techniques In Interventional Radiology And Endovascular Therapy
Feero, Gregory No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable 43rd Annual New York Cardiovascular Symposium: Major Topics in Cardiology Today
Hirschfeld, Steven No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable Bethesda Md ASCO Annual'08 Meeting
Niederhuber, John No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable ASCO Annual'08 Meeting
Rastinehad, Ardeshir No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable Bethesda, MD Global Genitourinary Oncology
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