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Robert Hawkins Manchester University Developing adoptive cell therapy for cancer: Progress and challenges September 3, 2015
Thomas Vogl J.W. Goethe-University Interventional oncological therapies in the treatment of liver metastases: Techniques, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. September 3, 2015
Riccardo A. Audisio British Association Of Surgical Oncology Case study : The surgical management of elderly women with breast cancer September 3, 2015
Karim Nayernia Heali Institute For Personalized Medicine Case study : Personalized therapy of breast cancer September 3, 2015
Andreas Schätzlein University College London Nano-enabled delivery of cancer therapies September 3, 2015
Jörg Opitz Fraunhofer-Institut Für Keramische Technologien Und Systeme IKTS Fast Evaluation of Biopsy for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis by Fraunhofer IKTS September 3, 2015
Edward Leen Imperial College NHS Trust Case study: Integration of irreversible electroporation with chemotherapy in the treatment of locally advanced pancreatic carcinoma September 3, 2015
Pedro Estrela University of Bath Case study: Electrochemical biosensors for prostate cancer diagnosis September 3, 2015
Jacqui Shaw University of Leicester Circulating tumour DNA for detection and monitoring of cancer September 3, 2015
James M Flanagan Imperial College London Epigenetic mechanisms for cancer risk September 3, 2015
Jude Fitzgibbon Queen Mary University of London Case study: Precision Medicine in B Cell Lymphoma September 3, 2015
Claus Jorgensen The University of Manchester Reciprocal tumour- stroma signaling tumour stroma, mass spectrometry, cancer progression and cell signalling • Tumour stroma • Mass spectrometry • Cancer progression • Cell signaling September 3, 2015
Alan G. Ramsay King's College London Immunotherapy in Lymphoma September 3, 2015
Robert Brown NHS Trust. Epigenetic drivers of drug resistance September 4, 2015
Stephen J. Gluckman Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Keynote Adress: Immuno-Oncology: New developments in solid tumor therapy September 4, 2015
Peter Parker MD King's College London Targeting kinases in cancer September 4, 2015
Hani Gabra Imperial College of London Molecular targeted therapeutics: Focus on drug resistance September 4, 2015
Jamie L. Platt Genomic Solutions Solution Provider Presentation - Genomic Solution September 4, 2015
Ken Mills Queen’s University Belfast Identifying novel epigenetically induced synthetic lethality therapeutic combinations for high risk MDS/AML September 4, 2015
Fernando Calvo The Institute of Cancer Research Modulating Cancer-associated Fibroblasts to Deter Tumour Progression September 4, 2015
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