Biotech China 2014
People Making News at Upcoming Life Science Events
Gerry COHEN University of Liverpool BCL-2 Inhibitors and Cancer Chemotherapy October 1, 2014
Kodi Ravichandran Virginia Commonwealth University Benefits of Apoptotic Cell Recognition and Cell Clearance October 2, 2014
Manolis Pasparakis University of Colorado, Boulder RIP Kinases in Cell Death and Inflammation October 2, 2014
Junying Yuan Harvard University Regulation of the RIP1 Kinase at the Crossroad of Cell Death and Inflammation October 2, 2014
Pierre Belichard Fovea Pharmaceuticals Solution Provider Presentation: Silver Sponsor: Gut Microbiome : The Ideal T arg et for a Personalized Medicine A pproach to IBD October 2, 2014
Heidi Nelson The Mayo Clinic Building a Translational Microbiome Program October 2, 2014
Mohan S. Iyer Tethys Bioscience Inc. Panel Discussion: The Business of the Microbiome October 2, 2014
Sarkis K. Mazmanian California Institute of Technology Mechanisms of Colonization by the Gut Microbiome during Health and Disease October 2, 2014
Karen Nelson J. Craig Venter Institute Collaborations in Microbiome Research October 2, 2014
Jiri Bartek Danish Cancer Society Cellular Responses to Genotoxic Stress: Mechanisms and Relevance for Tumorigenesis and Cancer Treatment October 2, 2014
James Brown University Hospital Liverpool, Liverpool, UK Human - Microbe Interactions: Therapeutic Opportunities and Challenges October 2, 2014
Carlos Ibanez Karolinska Institute Lunch Break October 2, 2014
Gerry MELINO MRC Toxicology Unit TAp73 Regulates Tumour Angiogenesis by Promoting Hypoxia-inducible Factor-1α Degradation October 2, 2014
Boris TURK Jozef Stefan Institute Lysosomes: at the Crossroad between Cell Death and Survival October 2, 2014
Peter VANDENABEELE VIB, Ghent University Molecular Mechanisms of Necroptosis: Old Paradigms Come Back October 2, 2014
Martin Kriegel Yale University Gut Microbial Dependence of Lupus and Antiphospholipid Syndrome October 2, 2014
James Adams Arizona State UniversitY Abnormal Gut Microbiome in Children with Autism vs. Controls October 2, 2014
Carlos Merino DNA Genotek OMNIgene•GUT: Enabling the Scalability of Microbiome - wide Association Studies (MWAS) October 2, 2014
Bill Shannon Washington University Analyzing Microbiome Data: Moving from Discovery to the Bedside October 2, 2014
Kevin M. Ryan Beatson Institute for Cancer Research Autophagy in Cell Death and Cancer October 3, 2014
4th Annual Pharma R&D Asia Congress
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